Maryland tax servicesMaryland Tax Services

Minimizing tax liabilities requires careful planning, diligent oversight and year-round attention by skilled and experienced tax professionals. That’s why Lescault and Walderman offers the following Maryland Tax Services:

  • Estimated Tax Payments
  • Ongoing Tax Planning
  • Extension Filing
  • Partnership and Single Member LLC Tax Services
  • Business and Personal Returns

LWI’s professionals have the experience to implement proven tax monetization strategies, and the expertise to effectively manage complex formation, allocation and distribution issues related to limited liability companies (LLC) and partnerships.  We focus on the ideal structuring of transactions, the proper allocation of debts, taxable income and benefits, the appropriate role of capital accounts, and the optimal distribution of profits.

Estimated Taxes

Clear knowledge of planning and preparing for estimated taxes is critical if companies want to avoid IRS penalties.  To this end, we help our clients:

  • Make single estimated payments on infrequent financial events related to real estate/investments
  • Take advantage of home/apartment office space credits
  • Get current on estimated payment obligations

Year Round Tax Planning

As the US tax code grows increasingly complicated, additional expertise and education are required for effective year round tax planning. By employing and monitoring proven tax planning practices and vigilantly addressing areas such as medical and/or child care expenses, capital gains, and/or charitable contributions, Lescault and Walderman is able to minimize the stress and tax burden associated with end of year tax filing.

Individual Tax Returns

For most small businesses and partnerships, the owners’ returns closely related to the entity.  That’s why LWI also offers individual tax preparation and filing as well.

By carefully accounting for industry-specific liabilities, investments, income and benefit situations, and capital gains losses/carryovers, LWI tax professionals are able to handle distributions, deductions and reporting in the best possible manner.

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If you are trying to reach the Maryland Department of Taxation, visit or call (410) 767-1184. If you are trying to reach the IRS, visit or call (202) 803-9000.