Maryland payroll servicesMaryland payroll services

Payroll services should be considered by every business; even those with accounting personnel on staff. No matter what, payroll must be accurate, plain and simple; and that’s where hiring a dedicated Maryland payroll services company like Lescault and Walderman comes in. If employees aren’t paid correctly, a variety of issues will result – including the potential for violating state and/or federal laws.

Full payroll administration services from Lescault and Walderman can help you manage your payroll correctly and efficiently regardless of the number of individuals you employ. Plus, we can help you analyze and use your payroll information to promote effective operational and financial strategies company-wide.


Maryland payroll services can be a great way to save time and money especially for small businesses.  If you’re still doing all the work of payroll yourself, it ends up leaving very little time left to focus on the other areas of your business that need your attention.  Hiring a payroll company can be an affordable way of passing this all important, yet time consuming job onto qualified individuals that will get the job done and leave you time to actually work with the employees your paying; or any number of other responsibilities you likely have as a Maryland business owner.


If your employees are working on commissions in any form, receive bonuses, or are given other types of incentives like these, utilizing our payroll services can enable you to make sure these payments are actually being calculated and paid out correctly.  This will not only boost employee confidence but will also save you money at the same time as a result of this improved accuracy.


Unlike many other payroll companies, we don’t just help you pay your employees on time.  Lescault and Walderman’s Maryland payroll services also help keep your payroll information organized in a way that allows it to be easily used to inform you on a variety of business management decisions including expense allocation, job costing, and payroll control systems.


Whether you realize it or not, payroll can become an expensive part of your business.  It not only takes time to gather the employee’s data, but all of the hours must be reviewed and processed, checks cut or direct deposits made, and so much more in order to ensure a fully accurate and timely payroll each and every pay day.  However, when you hire our payroll company we’ll reduce the paperwork and other overhead costs of payroll for your Maryland business almost immediately to save you money while providing improved payroll administration as well.

See how much payroll services from Lescault and Walderman can save your Maryland payroll services today by contacting us for a free consultation!