Maryland accounting servicesSecuring specialized and knowledgeable Maryland accounting services is critical for the ongoing understanding and management of financial resources.  Unfortunately, many local companies lack the resources to secure the necessary skills and information.  That’s why Lescault and Walderman offers affordable accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses through the DMV region.

With our years of expertise and training we’re well poised to offer a variety of CFO consulting and accounting services at hourly rates all Maryland small businesses can afford. This allows you to select only the specific bookkeeping and accounting services you need without the extra expense or hassle of those you don’t. Some of the Maryland accounting services we offer to local businesses include…


Whether you utilize our Maryland accounting services, have a small business accountant in house, or even one you already outsource to, Lescault and Walderman can assist you with designing the optimal accounting system to meet all of your specialized needs. We can also provide support with the setup and implementation of your accounting system so that you and your chosen financial support staff can work as efficiently as possible.


Most Maryland business owners know how important a budget is. Unfortunately, many don’t have the training required to create one that will truly guide their company’s expenditures with accuracy and reliability. When you hire Lescault and Walderman though as your small business accountant, you can feel confident that your business has a fully functioning budget that can be used in a myriad of ways to guide expenditures and ensure profitability.


Proper forecasting tools keep business expenditures in line with the annual budget. Without them, your business won’t have the information needed to stay profitable or plan for the future. Our Maryland accounting services make use of reliable forecasting tools to provide you with the data you need to create a path that will lead you toward long-term success.


Studying the way money flows in and out of your business and the shortfalls or surpluses that result is what cash flow analysis is all about. As you can imagine this information is incredibly important to the day to day functioning of your business as well as its long term growth and profitability. Lescault and Walderman have the experience and tools needed to give you an accurate analysis of your company’s cash flow so you’re able to draft a reliable budget, plan for future capital expenditures, and more.

Be sure to contact us today for your free consultation and find out how Lescault and Walderman’s accounting services can benefit your unique Maryland business!